How to Sell Your House in 5 Days

You can sell your house in OKC in 5 days

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the average time to sell a house, the pitfalls you need to watch out for, and the ways to speed up the process and how to sell your house in 5 days.

You love your home, and you’ve had a good run, but now it’s time to turn the page and start the next chapter. It’s time to sell your house and get a new start.

You could be getting closer to work. You could be changing school districts for your children. You could be traveling across state lines for a job. You could be downsizing. Whatever the cause, you’re going to need to sell.

There’s just one problem out there. In your eagerness to skip ahead of the next chapter, you forgot to measure one important factor: how to sell your house fast

So, how long is it going to take to sell a house? That depends on it. Here’s what you need to know to be going on as an informed seller.

Average Time to Sell a House

How long it takes to sell a house is highly driven by variables that the seller can, and sometimes cannot control.

The market could be a geographic region or a housing category in a state. Real estate professionals recognize a market where homes sell as “even” or “neutral” within six months, meaning that enough homeowners are selling and buyers are purchasing that neither has an advantage. Usually, you can sell a house in 30 days if the market is good and fast while, on the other hand, if the market is weak, it usually takes up to 270 days.

If you’re a seller, keeping your house sit on the market for too long will reduce the odds of having a fair price for it. That’s why it’s in your best interest to sell as soon as possible.

There’s always a house that sells in a few days, and a house that has been on the market for years.

You must learn how to sell your house in 5 days in a creative solution that makes the market work for you.

Factors That Affect the Time on the Market

Asking Price

One of the key factors to get a house off the market is by far the asking price.

You can be tempted to price your house too high to make a profit, or to price it too low to get it off the market as soon as possible. But either of these options will get you into trouble.

On the one side, if you price your house too high, you’re going to be priced out of the competition of buyers interested in that particular neighborhood. On the other hand, if you price your home too low for the location, buyers will suspect that something is wrong with the property.

It’s not always optimal to reduce the price, of course. Lower rates mean you’re making less money. An extremely low price also gives negative ideas to buyers.

Underpricing is considered to be a fantastic move if your home is quite old and needs improvements or maintenance that you either can’t cover the cost or you don’t want to do the upgrades.


Apart from price, location is the next big factor when it comes to selling real estate. Generally speaking, a more desirable location — near schools, a highly desirable neighborhood. If you live in the periphery of a city, proximity to public transportation may also play a role that will make the property more appealing to buyers. It will then spend less time idling on the market.

Then there are homes with vital location curses, or right next to the freeway. Sellers who are used to these conditions may become apparent to them, however, many buyers will be turned away.

That doesn’t mean that your home is unsellable if you’re next to a highway or an airport, but you’re going to have to take other steps to make your home attractive for the right audience.

Listing Agent

One element that can have the most effect on any aspect of home sales experience is the listing agent. Find a specialist with an established track record of effective marketing homes in your location that you feel comfortable with and trust. Enable your agent to direct you in planning your home for sale, staging and pricing.

A highly trained and educated agent knows methods on how to sell your house in 5 days in your local market.

But If your agent does not make the required time and effort, your home will be on the market much longer than it needs to. Conversely, if your agent is eager to unload your home for some reason, he or she can make decisions that clash with your goals in order to sell it faster.

Home Condition

The general design and quality of your property have a big hand in deciding how easy it is to sell. Houses with a spacious yard, a well-manicured lawn, or a bright white fence are more appealing to buyers. There’s a greater chance you’re going to get short deals for it.

One simple and cheap way to boost the appearance of your home (and thus make it more eligible) is to declutter it. Buyers love it when they can pretend they’re living in your house, and they can’t do it if it’s packed with furniture. Get rid of bulky furniture, old things and clear the walls of your family portraits.


People who have to pack up and move will usually tend to do so in good weather, so it will take longer to sell a home just before the winter or the rainy season. Families tend to choose to travel towards the end of a school year or over a summer break to reduce the disruption of their children’s schooling. All but the most committed house shoppers — or those with a deadline — may avoid house hunting during the holidays. These and other seasonal factors allow spring and summer seasons where the average market time may be shorter than the neutral six-month span. They could also make the fall and winter good times to go shopping, searching for inspired sellers whose homes have been on the market for more than six months.


Housing demand depends on wages. With greater economic growth and increasing wages, people will be able to invest more in homes; this will boost demand and drive up prices. In reality, demand for housing is often seen as an elastic income (luxury good); increasing incomes contribute to a higher percentage of household income being spent. Similarly, in a recession, declining wages would mean that people can’t afford to buy, and those who lose their jobs will fall behind on their mortgage payments and end up with their homes being repossessed.

With the economy dropping, your home can be hard to sell. So, if you are wondering how to sell your house in 5 days fast in a slow market? Go for alternatives, look for a cash buyer who has the financial freedom to buy houses.

How to Sell Your House in 5 Days

For many reasons, you probably can’t wait months for a realtor to sell your Oklahoma house for you — and, honestly, you don’t need the extra 6 percent commission fee to cut your sale. Perhaps your home is a tidy little paradise. It could really be a fixing-upper. But you know that you’re under a time pressure to sell your house. But how are you going to improve your chances of selling your home in Oklahoma in five days?

Take Off Your Listing

Your listing can stay down for what seems like a lifetime. The key to selling your house in five days is to be a new house on the market.

If you’ve already mentioned your house and nobody bites, take it down. In addition, someone searching for houses in the last few days has seen enough times and is most probably isn’t going to change their mind.

Take off your listing. Wait a magic number of five days and list it again. This time, offer a fresh coat of paint to the list. Think of more points of sale in your area, around the neighborhood, or at your house.

You need to sell your house if you’re selling your home. You may want to change the images in the profile. Conjure up modern, descriptive, and attractive ways to describe your home, neighborhood, and region.

Your explanation paints the initial picture of your home, and it’s the first step in selling your house quickly.

Sell to Cash Buyer

If you do need to sell your home in 5 days, there’s a solution to skip the formalities and fanfare of the traditional real estate process: sell your home to a cash buyer. Direct buyers like Local House Buyers, buy-and-hold investors, and flippers buy your “as-is” home, speeding up sales by cutting out cleaning, de-cluttering, staging, home improvements and home inspection.

Depending on your home’s condition, price point, and location, your home would be more attractive to some cash buyers than others. Most real estate buyers have a particular “buy box” that they use with the criteria of which types of properties are most important to them. That means that the “value” of your home can vary, even among buyers who can pay cash.

Simply put, you need an investor ready to pay the price you ask for without any hesitation. Thankfully, when an investor has the funds, they can quickly speed up the selling process. In certain situations, a cash buyer can purchase a home within 5 days, including a timeline that requires the purchaser and the seller to close the sale. So, when the buyer is committed to paying cash in a home seller, the money is available instantly and can be used immediately.

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Fix Your House Up

If you want to sell your house fast, you need to tackle all those low-cost fixes around your house.

It may be that time is against you, but often these little repair jobs can be completed very quickly. Plus, they can make all the difference when it comes to selling your house quickly! Low-cost repair jobs may require a simple touch of paint.

Perhaps the carpets need to be professionally washed, which in itself would help to refresh the smell and sound of your home. Bear in mind the first impression count.

Make sure that you still concentrate on the exterior of your house and its curb appeal. On the inside, make sure to use neutral colors for every painting. This way, you can cater to a larger audience of potential customers.

Hire Professional Photographer

A talented home stager sees your home from a buyer’s point of view and knows how to show its strengths and soften its weaknesses, and a photographer can make it all look brilliant in your listing.

Naturally, providing attractive photographs and media content from these photographs would create a need for people to come and visit the house.

The more foot traffic you get means more opportunities for your home to be sold. Get more traffic through the doors in a short time, and your home will automatically sell faster.

By establishing an online presence of your property via social media, you expand the exposure of the audience in your listing to get in front of more people than just a word of mouth.

Pricing Below Local Market Value

Precise pricing is a must when you’re up against a tight deadline. Price your home too high, and you’re not going to hurry in with the deals. The price of your home is too low, and you needlessly lose thousands of dollars.

A strong pricing technique that almost guarantees deals in 5 days is to price your home below market value. Buyers who watch the market closely would leap at the chance to purchase a home priced below the competition. If you receive several offers, you can use them as leverage to start a bidding war, pushing the final selling price well above the listing price.

Pricing is definitely critical, and when it’s too big, people are shy away. To ensure that prices are below the neighborhood values, you will need to study recent sales in your city.

If the home sale tips above are too much of a challenge for you, we can give you an all-cash deal for your home in Oklahoma. And if you agree, we will guarantee your home selling in 5 days or less, in most cases, for those who need to sell quickly. The truth is that selling an Oklahoma house is as dependent on the market as it is in your neighborhood. And neither or generally guaranteed. But with these easy tips, you’ve boosted your odds, all with little difficulty and without a realtor.

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