Local House Buyers LLC
Purchasing manager expectations:

#1. We help people first. It is not a slogan it is what we do. 

#2. We get to new leads ASAP – typically 1-5 Mins.  Even if you touch base and let them know you will be calling them back at a more convenient time.

#3. You are expected to reach out to a minimum of 50 people on a daily basis and once fully trained should be putting 2-4 houses under contract a week. 

#4. You know that you are a commission salesperson you get what you put in. If you put in the work you will reap the rewards and be promoted accordingly. 
#5. You are willing to always be training and growing. WE DO HARD THINGS

#6. You will roll with the punches things change rapidly in real estate we pivot we move we shift it is part of it.

#7. You put our core values first always and immediately after we put our sellers and our team’s need after.

#8. Your commission rate is based on a closed sale only starting out at 5% Commission on a completed sale. I.E 10k net to LHB after all expenses you would make $500

#9. As you progress and can do more of the work raises and bonus structures will be realized.

#10. You will not conduct any outside wholesale transactions that are a conflict of interest for local house buyers LLC(You can and we encourage buying real estate to buy and hold and we would like to help you reach your goals in doing so. )

11. The day you feel you can not commit to your daily / weekly commitments and adhere to company core values you let us know so we can help you leave in peace before resentment sets in.
We are better when you want to be here. If you don’t want to be here we don’t want you here.