Hey, guys, I am so excited you have joined us. we will be walking you step by step on how to get your Podio account setup and get started and running so you can utilize Podio in your business.

#1 Why do I even need a Podio CRM?

Here is why you need a CRM in my opinion. You need to be able to track all the leads coming in and you need to have a follow-up system available. If you are going to spend money on the marketing you need to track what is coming in and be able to do something with the lead.


Why would you even want to use a podio crm?


#2 How do I set this up so I can use it.


#2 The next step is creating your Podio account using the same email as you did previously when you signed up on this website. What you did when you signed up on this website is started automation for me to get you added to our Podio, now you need to actually create your very own Podio account.


Getting Logged in to Podio



Click Here To Create Podio Login

#3 Create your own Organization then create your own workspace. 

#4 Once you have set up your account be on the lookout for an Email from Podio asking you to join the LHB Solutions workspace.

#5 The following step is to now download all the Lhb Solutions applications onto your own space. Basically you are going to be copying a fully functional workspace onto your own system.


Downloading Apps into your own workspace.


The last and final step we are going to do is fill out this form letting us know you have downloaded the apps so we can make you a light member again in the LHB Solutions Workspace. So we do not get charged. for having you as a regular member.(Only Regular Members Can Download apps so once you have downloaded them let us know by filling out this form.)