Local House Buyers

We do hard things!

Core values are:

#1. Serving = To us means being like Jesus
We are caring and honest. 

#2. Healthy = To us that means we put our God first, Family comes second, We understand we must take care of our health and our mind, body, and spirit so we can serve.
(We must put our oxygen mask on before we can help others.)

#3. Team Player = To us that means team comes first. This means when we don’t do our daily accountability we are letting the team and company down. This is selfish so we must be team players, or we all will be hurt by us not being team players. 

#4. Disciplined = There is no failure! There is only winning or learning. We fail forward, we learn from mistakes and we stay disciplined.

#5. Give a Damn! = We give a damn about how we do what we do. We give a damn about our people, our customers, and our partners.

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