Who Buys Hoarder Houses in Oklahoma?

Who Buys Hoarder Houses In Oklahoma?

A hoarder house is not typically sold on the market as-is. But here at Local House Buyers whatever state your home is in, we are going to buy it from you. We purchase houses that used to belong to hoarders or have been used as drug factories, and you can be secure that we can buy your house and you can continue your fresh journey, leaving this age of your life behind you. Local House Buyers Is the best choice when you want a reputable company to sell your hoarder house.

Hoarding was officially recognized by the American Psychiatric Association as a mental disorder. Individuals with hoarding disorder have difficulty discarding items because of a strong perceived need to save items and/or distress associated with discarding.

Hoarding disorders are a problem

There are many explanations why a hoarding condition can be a concern. This can take over the life of the individual, making it incredibly difficult for them to get around their home. It can cause suffering for their performance at work, personal hygiene and relationships.

The person hoarding is usually reluctant or incapable of having visitors, or even allowing traders to perform essential repairs, which can cause isolation and solitude.

The clutter can pose a health risk to the individual and anybody who lives in or visits their home. For example, it can:

  • Unhygienic conditions
  • Be fire hazard and block exits in case of a fire
  • Increased risk of falls
  • Injury or being trapped by shifting or falling items
  • Family conflicts

Let Local House Buyers Buy your house today even if it looks like this.

How to sell a hoarder house in Oklahoma

In this Video, you Have Mark Carpenter who is A Co-Owner of Local House Buyers in Oklahoma City Walking through a trashed out hoarder house that someone needed to sell fast. This House Local House buyers bought and turned it into our office. The transformation is incredible. So this home was really not well taken care of the house that Local house Buyers was able to buy for cash needed a lot of work. People tend to think that no one will buy houses that are in this condition, but that is only because they have never talked to Local House Buyers of Oklahoma City Oklahoma. LHB of Okc or otherwise known as Local House Buyers buys houses just like this every single day. We have people call us @405-395-2085 everyday needing to sell a home or needing to sell a home fast. We love serving people and helping them first, it is just what we do. We have an experienced team of professionals on our team helping people who need to sell their homes fast, or slow. We are also being very careful with COVID 19 taking precautions(This video was recorded before covid-19) But Local House Buyers Of Oklahoma City is still buying in the middle of the pandemic, so if you have a hoarder house like this one, or if you are moving or any other reason and you dont want to sell your home using A Realtor The Local House Buyers Team can help you… You can go to our website @ or you call us we have people standing by ready to take your call so we can help you 405-395-2085… The local house buyers team buys hoarded houses, we buy trashed out homes, we buy homes that don’t have electricity on or running water… It realy does not matter what your home looks like Local House Buyers will buy your house for cash today… We can even close sometimes in as little as 5 days… People ask me all the time why would someone buy from you instead of a realtor and i tell them that is a great question i did a small blog article on our website here is a link to that blog here We understand that we are not for everyone and that is okay with us. But if you have a house that looks anything like the hoarder house in the video and you dont think someone will buy it. You have to contact Local House Buyers today. We will buy your house today! If you want to get more information or read any of our other blogs go to If you want to see all the happy customers that have also sold their home to local house buyers go to Local House Buyers would love to buy your hoarder house. Local house buyers of Oklahoma City Oklahoma loves to serve and help anyone who needs to sell their home. Some of the things we specialize in is: Divorce Preforeclosures Tired Landlords Old Age Unfinished Remodels Probates Inherited problem properties Need to sell now Underwater on the mortgage. Ways you can reach us are: Please like follow and subscribe if you love what we are doing.

What is a hoarder house exactly?

A hoarder is someone who likes to pile up stuff in the house, whether these pieces of stuff are still useful or not, a hoarder retains possession of them, thereby stuffing the house up with unnecessary things. This reason is why hoarder houses are always full of junks and personal items that’s stuffed up and scattered haphazardly all around the home.

They’re lots of hoarder houses for sale in OKC and we at local house buyers are willing to purchase them. This is because we love to serve and help anyone who needs to sell their home fast for cash. However, there are lots of things surrounding the buying and selling of houses in Oklahoma – especially hoarder houses, but we bring our experience and expertise about this niche into play when it comes to closing deals.

At Local House Buyers, we are the leading real estate investors and wholesalers in Oklahoma, we help homeowners buy their house fast and for cash. We also solve all kinds of problems for sellers, whether you’re divorcing, on probates, in a period of foreclosure or any reason that might make you want to sell your home for cash, we’ve got you covered. We are your best bet for a satisfactory business transaction.

We buy houses for sales by owners and offer them the right amount for their property value. When it comes to hoarder houses, sellers do encounter some problems which make the process tiring to them, some buyers always request them to clean out the houses before purchase.

This process implies that – after much cleaning and clearing of the house, buyers may find some things in the house that requires repair or that put them off, making them back out of the contract or demanding the seller carries out necessary repairs before closing the deal. The implication of this is that it leaves the seller short of the total sale amount.

Our company – Local house buyers comes to the sellers’ rescue in this situation. We purchase hoarder houses without asking sellers to expend costs on cleaning or repair. Our company takes care of the cleaning, repair and even affords sellers the time to sort out some of the personal items they might still find relevant.

First time home buyers do shy away from buying hoarder houses due to some misconceptions and prior misinformation gathered from the internet. On the other hand, we at Local House Buyers have vast experience in this field; as such we know the right amount to pay for every home we purchase without putting any financial obligations on the homeowner. It is noteworthy to state that most hoarders’ houses aren’t full of junks alone; some are filled with expensive furniture, personal items, and some other valuables. What makes hoarder houses undesirable before cleanout is the haphazard arrangement of items – valuable or invaluable.

We all hoard things in our home – the clothes in our closet that we’re not wearing; our old electronics that we’ve decided to keep as a backup, and so on. What makes hoarders pronounced as hoarders is because they keep their things in large numbers and they’re not neatly arranged.

Below, we bring you reasons why we at Local House buyers are the best to buy your home with when it comes to hoarder houses in Oklahoma:

  • EASE OF STRESS – We at Local house buyers take the stress off home sellers. We achieve this by taking the obligation of clearing out junks and garbage in the house from you, and any other thing that might require you to spend before closing the deal. This implies that we buy hoarder houses as it is and undertake the necessary things to put them in the proper market state.

We afford you the time to sort out your items and we clear out the remaining by ourselves. During the course of clearing out, we take care of any need for repair that we might have noticed.

  • EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE – With our experience in Oklahoma and the OKC real estate niche, we buy homes and other real estates at an unbeatable price and time frame. We have in-depth knowledge about all the factors to consider, from OKC weather to legal implications amongst other things. We bring in our experience and expertise in ensuring that our home sellers get maximum satisfaction from transacting with us.
  • SAFETY PRECAUTIONS – Dealing with us at Local Homebuyers gives you maximum safety and puts your mind at rest. We ensure we take the necessary precautions on any hoarder house we purchase. We not only clean and clear out garbage from any home we purchase, but we also ensure we properly fumigate and takes care of numerous infestation either from mouse or any other pests and insects. This leaves our home secured and free from any danger of future pest infestation thereby reducing to the barest minimum the risk of infection.
  • TRANSPARENCY – At local home buyers, we ensure 100% transparency for our clients. Transacting with us is risk-free; we ensure that our terms and conditions are clearly stated in the contract with no grey areas. We believe the maximum satisfaction of customers is the key to a successful business; as such we don’t compromise on treating our clients in the best manner. We are trustworthy and transparent which makes us one of the best and most-secured real estate investors to deal with in Oklahoma City.
  • PRICE – We offer sellers unbeatable prices for their hoarder homes, our prices are the best any seller can ever get. Considering our cost implication of cleaning, clearing, repairing (if need be) and fumigating a purchased hoarder home, our prices are indeed the best.

Selling a hoarder house or buying one comes with reduced stress and minimal risk if you contact the right source. Local home buyers are the most secure and undoubtedly the right source for you to contact. As a buyer, we ensure that we offer you the right price and close the deal as fast as possible.

How to sell a hoarder house in Oklahoma
Video Transcription

Mark Carpenter: Mark Carpenter here with Local House Buyers. We’ve got a beauty here to show you, a house over here on the south side of Oklahoma City. And now I’m just going to take you guys around here and just look at the condition of this house. And you can see, these are the types of houses we love to buy. We seek them out. We drive for dollars looking for them. You can see there’s all kinds of shrubbery over here, there’s old-style windows, old siding, you can see there’s a tree here growing up close to the house. That’s one thing we look for. This roof looks like it’s got several layers of shingles on it. And if you come around here you’ve got a garage over here that’s still standing. I’m not sure if that’s part of this house or not.

If we come this way, this is what we call a hoarder house. Somebody liked to collect many things here. We’ve got a whole bunch of shingles over here. Some fence paneling. Got a box of beer bottles strung about, but the bones of this house are still in pretty good shape. We come in here, we obviously have no electricity on, and just look at this, guys. This is some of the stuff that Local House Buyers comes across. A lot of people think nobody will buy this house. And we’ll buy this house and we’ll get it in good shape, sell it to another investor and do all kinds of stuff to help somebody that’s in this situation.

But I just want you to guys to see how much stuff there is all over this place. I mean, this is a true hoarder house. They’ve got boxes everywhere. We’ve got fans, a bunch of junk heaters and things. We’ve got a calendar here. This is March. See if you can zoom in here. March of 2005, as I fall over. March of 2005. And all of these posters, we’ve got a National Finals Rodeo poster back over here that says 2005, 2006.

You guys, you can barely even get around in this house. They hoarded so much stuff. This is a true hoarder house. And you know, Local House Buyers will buy these houses. We’ll get them fixed up. Or we’ll sell it to an investor who will get it fixed up and rented out. You got so much stuff in here. You can barely get around. You can see this guy was collecting. As we come in here, I’ll get you guys through here. All kinds of junk, there’s just so much stuff in these houses that we run across. You never know what you’re going to find.

When you come in here, it’s really strange. Everything in this house is in disrepair, right? It looks horrible. But look at these boxes, they’re almost in perfect condition. Isn’t that crazy, Lucas? It’s nuts, man, it’s like everything is just strung about, but you got these button boxes and they’re in perfect condition. They were collecting the box themselves. Takes all kinds, guys. So yeah, this is a typical hoarder house. This is what we run into. So if you know somebody that’s needing to sell a hoarder house that looks like this, and you’re like, “Man, nobody’s going to buy that.” Not true. We will buy it. We will buy it with cash. We’ll buy it today.

So I’m just going to come around here, show you some more. You can get a shot of that bathroom if you want. There is just junk strung everywhere throughout this entire house. You got to be careful walking through these houses too, guys. A lot of times we found needles, guns, drug paraphernalia. You got to be really careful walking through here. Watching your step. I walked through here earlier and made sure that there wasn’t any needles sticking out because that can be dangerous. You know, walking through one of these houses and you get a needle, and you never know what’s happened with that.

And we come through here, this is actually what appears to be, as you come around through this house, this is the actual kitchen. You guys are going to come through. Then there’s just bigger boxes everywhere. Got to be careful. Yeah. This looks like some sort of kitchen. I don’t see a sink anywhere. Almost looks like a dresser laid out on top of the kitchen panel. I don’t see anywhere where the plumbing came through here. If you want to come through here, watch out, there’s a tire right here.

You never know what you’re going to get in these houses. You think we won’t buy it? Not true. We will buy it and we’ll buy it for cash. We’ll buy hoarder houses, just like this. Let’s go ahead and get out here and take a look at the outside of this house. Oh my gosh. This house needs a lot of work. But even still, the bones, you still got good frames. Come out here. I mean, there’s stuff everywhere. The tree’s really close to this house. So it’ll cause foundation issues right here. Just look at all this, guys, look at that. You got all of this tree right here in that foundation. That’s bad. That’s a really, really bad situation.

You got the old piping coming through. That’s going to have to be replaced. All these windows. Definitely need some landscaping work. We’re just getting a shot of the roof. Yeah, guys, this is a typical hoarder house. This is the stuff we do every day. Go out here and check out these houses, negotiate with the seller, figure out what solves their problem. This is a problem house for people. How does anybody buy a house for so cheap? This is sometimes the stuff we’re buying, right? And either us or our partners or somebody that we sell the property to, a local real estate investor. They’ll take this property and they’ll fix it up, get it rented out and get it cash-flowing and get it making some money, or under-finance it.

And it’s really a service to the community. Okay? Because without that, this thing just sits here. Without us out there actively helping people and serving people and trying to meet their need and trying to help them by buying their house for cash and then turn around and selling it to an investor or us fixing and flipping it then this house just sits here vacant and it’s bad for the community. It’s an eyesore. It looks horrible. And this is right across the street from a park. So we can fix this thing up and make it look really, really nice and livable again and provide housing for somebody. So this is your hoarder house. We want to come through one more time and get one more shot of what a typical hoarder house looks like. Just stuff everywhere. I mean, you got a refrigerator. I would not open that refrigerator. Word to the wise. That would not be good. You never know what’s in there.

That is your tour of one of our recent purchases, and this is your hoarder house. And a lot of people who do hoard things, they don’t know they’re hoarders, or they may not call themself hoarders, but it can be a problem. And when we can help solve it, we want to serve people in that way however we can. And so yeah, guys, this has been your tour of Local House Buyers hoarder house right here. And if you know somebody that needs to sell a house, we would love to serve you guys.

Lucas: I’m going to swap over here.

Mark Carpenter: So yeah, this is the door. And if you know somebody that needs to sell a house, we’d love to serve them. Give them a cash offer today and see if we can help solve the problem. And that’s it guys. That’s the hoarder house. Thank you so much for watching our video and enjoying the ride with us as we went through this hoarder house. And we’re grateful for you guys, and thankful for all your viewerships. Click, subscribe and see more stuff from Local House Buyers. We put out more and more content showing you guys what we do on a daily basis.

Mark Local House Buyers

My name is Mark my Wife Melissa and I have 3 beautiful girls we live in Mustang Oklahoma. We love God we love serving others however we can and we love helping people navigate the troubling waters that buying and selling real estate can bring. We try to provide value to everyone we encounter and want to bless you somehow even if we can't buy your house we still want to help you find the right path or solution. Looking forward to serving you.

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